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Alexandre Constantino alexandre.constantino at
Mon Oct 23 13:45:16 UTC 2006


You were right on the money Joel.
>From this NE2000 diagnosis utility (*) it seems that i'm dealing with a
NE2000 clone.
The output i got showed the 0x57,0x57 NE2000-clone signature.
ATM i don't know what does it compensate for and it's something i'll
probably look at in the near future (unless i get a shiny new compatible
NIC meanwhile).

Regarding QEMU, my previous email explains the situation.

BTW, has anyone else noticed that the results returned by Google (when
searching RTEMS mailing list) no longer link to the correct URLs. I
assume this to be related to your recent server transition. Is there any
way to fix this?
(google's cache works but it becomes complicated to follow a thread)

Sorry for not replying to your message before, but a higher priority
task kept me busy during this last days.


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Alexandre Constantino wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm struggling with network support from a compatible ne2000 NIC, and 
> would like to know from people who use this driver what cards do 
> indeed work.
> I'm using a pc386 BSP on a regular PC and the ISA card i'm using is a 
> Novell/Anthem NE2000 compatible. It works fine on Linux and there it 
> is identified as a ne1000/ne2000 isa/pnp ethernet card.
One question always worth asking when dealing with clone NICs is whether
the Linux or BSD driver is recognizing the card as a "broken clone" and
compensating for something.  The DEC Tulip (2114x) driver has lots of
odd cases in and I bet the NE driver does also given what I remember
about incompatible clones.

> I have defined the same IRQ and IO in Linux (as well as other values i

> found with google) for the netdemo application with the hope that 
> there would be some issues with those values... But to no avail.
> I used a sniffer and it seems not a single bit get's out of that
> I tried both using BOOTP and giving it an IP... nothing happens.
> When i send an UDP packet, netdemo sends it away.. well that is what 
> it thinks. But when i send a TCP packet it seems to crash, but 
> eventually complains about a timeout.
> I also tested netdemo in Bochs, it works fine except for some heavy 
> packet loss...

Not a whole lot of advice from me but I have used this card under qemu.
For simplicity, I usually just locally modify the driver to use the
default IRQ and port that qemu expects.

> Any hints, help, ideas?
> At the moment the only way out of this, that i can see, it to buy a 
> compatible NIC or debug this code over serial (a painfull task i 
> suppose).

> Thank your for your input

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