freebsd mmc/sd driver port

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at
Fri Oct 20 14:02:27 UTC 2006

On Friday 20 October 2006 15:32, Philippe Simons wrote:
> I'm going to port the mmc/sd driver to rtems
> any advices/tips are welcomed
> Philippe

Hello Philippe,

I have some experience with fighting with MMC
on i.MX M9328 MX1 CPU. I have MMC driver working under RTEMS.
But it is not clean multiple controller hardware
implementation. I have offered and sent some code
already in the past. If you think, that something from it
could help you, I can sent you latest code version
on Monday.

But clean implementation based on well defined abstraction
layers would be far better. I have some experience with Linux-2.6
MMC code, but it cannot be use for RTEMS due to licensing.

Best wishes
                Pavel Pisa

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