freebsd mmc/sd driver port

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Fri Oct 20 14:51:33 UTC 2006

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006 16:02:27 +0200, "Pavel Pisa"
<ppisa4lists at> said:
> On Friday 20 October 2006 15:32, Philippe Simons wrote:
> > I'm going to port the mmc/sd driver to rtems
> >
> >
> > any advices/tips are welcomed
> >
> > Philippe
> Hello Philippe,
> I have some experience with fighting with MMC
> on i.MX M9328 MX1 CPU. I have MMC driver working under RTEMS.
> But it is not clean multiple controller hardware
> implementation. I have offered and sent some code
> already in the past. If you think, that something from it
> could help you, I can sent you latest code version
> on Monday.
> But clean implementation based on well defined abstraction
> layers would be far better. I have some experience with Linux-2.6
> MMC code, but it cannot be use for RTEMS due to licensing.
> Best wishes
>                 Pavel Pisa
Thanks Pavel,

I've allready d/l rtems-mx1-mmcsd-051212.tar.gz from your homepage.
But as you said an implementation on a abstraction layer would be far
Do you think we could join our efforts on this?

Id'like to know, from someone who allready ported freebsd code to rtems,
what's usually involved?
and what are those *.m files?


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