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Thanks Till, that configuration works fine with me.
I still don't know what is the problem with the configuration i was
using since i was able to get network with other guest systems.


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I really don't recall major problems with the ne2000_isa emulation.

Here's a script I use to start qemu. It contains a few comments (don't
remember the details but I do remember that you have to change the
interrupt number in your network interface configuration):

# CAVEATS: qemu has irq hardwired to 9; must set this in RTEMS network
configuration table (irno:9)
#          rtems application must not set ethernet address (would be 
unknown to qemu dhcp)
i386-softmmu/qemu -M isapc -s -L ../pc-bios -net nic,model=ne2k_isa -net
user -cdrom tst.iso -tftp boot -redir tcp:4444::4444 -redir
tcp:2159::2159 -redir tcp:24742::23 -hda img -boot d

-- Till

Daron Chabot wrote:
> Alexandre Constantino wrote:
>> Hi,
>> For whatever wicked reason QEMU doesn't like networking with RTEMS...

>> At least on my computer.
> I get the same result trying to use Qemu with RTEMS on my Ibook (ppc 
> host, i386 guest) *and* on a linux machine (debian, i386 host and
>> The reason for this seems to be due to the repeated resets the card 
>> is sujected to. I'm contantly getting "ne2000: device timeout"
> yup... i get the "device timeout" symptom as well. Seems that the 
> watchdog routine is a relatively new addition to the ne2k driver...
> If you get this solved *please* let me know... running RTEMS with 
> networking inside mac os 10.4 would be sooo cool :-) Besides, just 
> about everything else seems to work (rtems++ tests, etc).
> -- dc
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