TI C3X/C4X simulator?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com
Wed Oct 25 19:39:34 UTC 2006

DSP Builder wrote:
> I'm interesting in trying out RTEMS for use with a C3X platform. The
> documentation says the c3xsim packages supports running it on a GDB C3X
> simulator. Does anyone know where to get that simulator?
> More detail: info on the web indicates that the simulator was developed
> as a patch for gdb, but was never part of the standard GDB distribution.
> www.elec.canterbury.ac.nz/c4x/ talks about it, but doesn't have the
> actual patch. I emailed the website's owner, and he no longer has it. I
> didn't find it in any of the patches on the RTEMS site either.
> So, does anybody know if this simulator still exists? Even a noncurrent
> version would be helpful.

A while back I gathered up all the dusty bits and put them in a 
directory.  I just
moved that directory to the ftp site -- /pub/c4x-tools.  Most of that is 
way out of date
but good reference material.

The gdb patch is against 4.16 so it definitely needs updating.  If you 
can get it updated,
we would be happy to get it back.  If the patch were updated to a recent 
gdb, then it wouldn't
be out of the question for there to be RPMs provided. 

FWIW /pub/plibm is Jennifer and my attempt to provide a libm for the 
tic4x target.  Since
it is not IEEE floating point, the old newlib versions didn't seem to 
want to port.  So we
put together a reasonable collection of libm in assembly or using VERY 
math formulas from high school to derive others.

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