TCP/IP problem : 'Still waiting for mbuf cluster'

Sylvain Prestavoine sylvain.prestavoine at
Tue Sep 12 14:43:44 UTC 2006


When I initialize SO_SNDBUF with 5000 ( setsockopt function ), my box can
TCP packets properly.
However, with SO_SNDBUF=20000, after some exchange, the TCP  trafic is stop
and the message 'Still waiting for mbuf cluster' appear.

The tcp dump tell that problem appear when TCP windows size is too small (
client side ).

My question is  : how to obtain a less working without to end up RTEMS fatal
error ?
Today, I use a arbitrary value for SNDBUF, but there are no garantee this
don't recur.

Thanks for ideas.


[RTEMS-4.6.1, BSP based upon m68k]

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