RTEMS Self Task Deletion

Kamaraj P pkamaraj at Centillium.com
Wed Sep 27 09:21:16 UTC 2006

This is confirmed by repeatedly attempting to create the same task. At some point, we observed that the task creation is failed due to the lack of resources; This is due to memory draining.

I have also confirmed the behavior by doing another approach;

Attempting to delete the task before creating the task in the caller context run successfully without any issues. 


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Kamaraj P wrote:
> I mean the memory allocated by Task (while creation) for TCB, STACK size etc.

The memory allocated for the stack plus some other bits and pieces 
should be released back into the Workspace. How do you know the memory 
is not being released ?

The object data will be returned the free list of objects and may not be 
released. This depends on the configuration table entries and if you 
have the unlimited bit set. In this case the object memory may have been 
allocated when the create occurs and will not be released until half the 
allocation size of the previous block has been released.


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