RTEMS Self Task Deletion

Kamaraj P pkamaraj at Centillium.com
Wed Sep 27 11:21:26 UTC 2006

Please find the sample code.  This may not be directly compliable. Could you please let me know he can we verify whether self task has been 
deleted successfully or not. I am not sure checking the return status of rtems_task_delete (RTEMS_SELF) will help. Because the self task context (to be deleted) where you executing print message will not print on the console. Even before that the task would have been deleted . Please correct me If I am wrong.



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Kamaraj P wrote:
> This is confirmed by repeatedly attempting to create the same task. At some
> point, we observed that the task creation is failed due to the lack of resources;
> This is due to memory draining.
> I have also confirmed the behavior by doing another approach;

Please post me off list the code you are using.

> Attempting to delete the task before creating the task in the caller context
> run successfully without any issues. 

This means to me if the delete call is made the memory is returned.


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