interrupt handle?

kang yunho ttorse at
Thu Apr 12 12:05:26 UTC 2007

This is my first message to this list.

I am a begginer user of RTEMS and I have to program a EP7312 

The program works O.K. except that I can`t execute muy own interrupt

I am using the "rtems_interrupt_catch" routine to assign my routine to
interrupt vector. The IRQ of the URXINT2 20

Does anybody tell me if I have to do something else or I have to change
configuration parameter?

The vector number to the rtems_interrupt_catch is my IRQ= 20?

Here is ep7312 irq.h, if you can look at it and tell me if there is 
I will be gratefull for you for ever.

#define VECTOR_TABLE	 0x40

#ifndef __asm__

 * Include some preprocessor value also used by assember code

#include <rtems.h>

extern void default_int_handler();

| Constants

  /* enum of the possible interrupt sources */
typedef unsigned int rtems_irq_number;
  /* int interrupt status/mask register 1 */
#define BSP_EXTFIQ     0
#define BSP_BLINT      1
#define BSP_WEINT      2
#define BSP_MCINT      3
#define BSP_CSINT      4
#define BSP_EINT1      5
#define BSP_EINT2      6
#define BSP_EINT3      7
#define BSP_TC1OI      8
#define BSP_TC2OI      9
#define BSP_RTCMI     10
#define BSP_TINT      11
#define BSP_UTXINT1   12
#define BSP_URXINT1   13
#define BSP_UMSINT    14
#define BSP_SSEOTI    15
 /* int interrupt status/mask register 2 */
#define BSP_KBDINT    16
#define BSP_SS2RX     17
#define BSP_SS2TX     18
#define BSP_UTXINT2   19 
#define BSP_URXINT2   20 
 /* int interrupt status/mask register 3 */
#define BSP_DAIINT    21
#define BSP_MAX_INT   22

편리한 웹하드가 최대 1G 까지 무료! 

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