Emulating clock ISR

Ingolf Steinbach Ingolf.Steinbach at jena-optronik.de
Wed Apr 4 12:40:03 UTC 2007

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Thomas Doerfler schrieb:
> rtems_clock_tick() is the interface between the periodic system timer
> interrupt and the time maintained in RTEMS. For your ISR it is sufficent
> to call rtems_clock_tick() to replace the standard clock driver.

I understand that rtems_clock_tick() will also handle all the
task switching etc. Is this correct?

> Do you really want to feed a 1MHz signal as an interrupt to your system?

No, of course not. I noticed that wrong number, too, as usual
shortly after the e-mail had been sent, but did not bother to
send a correction afterwards, as the frequency was not the main
issue here. Thanks anyway for pointing it out.

Kind regards
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