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you might want to have a look into the networking demo code at:


sashti srinivasan schrieb:
> Hello,
>    Thanks Mr Chris for your guidance.  I referred to the link you have
> specified.  Before going into the details of Networking with RTEMS, I
> wish to have a successful experiment.  I wish to write a client server
> program using TCP sockets and RTEMS' POSIX API.  I do not want to go
> into details of networking devices, driver development etc.  I wish to
> restrict my endeavours to writing the client server program.  I want
> to run my application as a task in RTEMS by providing appropriate
> entries to init task table.  Is it possible?  How to assign the IP
> address for RTEMS running on x86 PC?  How to define the gateway,
> subnet masks etc.  Please guide me further.
> Regards
> S Srinivasan
> On 4/5/07, Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:
>> sashti srinivasan wrote:
>>>   I have already got introduced to RTEMS.  I wish to experience
>>> networking with RTEMS.  My objective is to establish a TCP/IP network
>>> between a windows-XP and a PC running RTEMS.  I wish to have both the
>>> machines connected through a hub.  May I request the members of the
>>> list to guide me in the process?
>> There are 2 parts. The first is RTEMS and the best place to start is the RTEMS
>> Network Supplement which is online here:
>> The second part is Windows related and off topic for this list. For Windows
>> you would need to look at Windows socket type APIs or select a language that
>> has this support built in and use it. For example Java or Python.
>> If you need specific help we would need to know the type of RTEMS target and
>> the BSP.
>> Regards
>> Chris
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