Windows-RTEMS networking

sashti srinivasan svasn.rtems at
Thu Apr 5 10:57:53 UTC 2007

   Thanks Mr Chris for your guidance.  I referred to the link you have
specified.  Before going into the details of Networking with RTEMS, I
wish to have a successful experiment.  I wish to write a client server
program using TCP sockets and RTEMS' POSIX API.  I do not want to go
into details of networking devices, driver development etc.  I wish to
restrict my endeavours to writing the client server program.  I want
to run my application as a task in RTEMS by providing appropriate
entries to init task table.  Is it possible?  How to assign the IP
address for RTEMS running on x86 PC?  How to define the gateway,
subnet masks etc.  Please guide me further.

S Srinivasan

On 4/5/07, Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:
> sashti srinivasan wrote:
> >   I have already got introduced to RTEMS.  I wish to experience
> > networking with RTEMS.  My objective is to establish a TCP/IP network
> > between a windows-XP and a PC running RTEMS.  I wish to have both the
> > machines connected through a hub.  May I request the members of the
> > list to guide me in the process?
> There are 2 parts. The first is RTEMS and the best place to start is the RTEMS
> Network Supplement which is online here:
> The second part is Windows related and off topic for this list. For Windows
> you would need to look at Windows socket type APIs or select a language that
> has this support built in and use it. For example Java or Python.
> If you need specific help we would need to know the type of RTEMS target and
> the BSP.
> Regards
> Chris

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