Semaphores macro error

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Apr 11 13:54:24 UTC 2007

Leon Pollak wrote:
> Hello, all.
> I try to use the rtems_classic_semaphores gdb script and receive the 
> following:
> (gdb) rtems_classic_semaphores
> rtems_classic_semaphores
> =====================================================================
>  # | Name |    ID    | Information
> ---+------+----------+-----------------------------------------------
>  1 | LBIO | 1a010001 |   Mutex INHT UNL  PRIO - 
> No memory available to program: call to malloc failed
> I am sure that there is plenty of memory in the system, so the error message 
> is about something else. Which type of memory and from what area this script 
> try to get?
The macros are not supposed to run anything on target hardware. 
But grep'ing the gdb source, I see this:

./gdb/valops.c: error (_("No memory available to program: call to malloc 

which appears to indicate that the script tried.   It looks like it made 
it down to
rtems_helper_score_threadq and that tried to do something on the target but
I don't see anything particularly unusual about what it is doing.  Do you?


> Thanks.

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