Semaphores macro error

Leon Pollak leonp at
Wed Apr 11 15:14:34 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 11 April 2007, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> The macros are not supposed to run anything on target hardware.
> But grep'ing the gdb source, I see this:
> ./gdb/valops.c: error (_("No memory available to program: call to malloc
> failed"));
> which appears to indicate that the script tried.   It looks like it made
> it down to
> rtems_helper_score_threadq and that tried to do something on the target but
> I don't see anything particularly unusual about what it is doing.  Do you?
As I was able to understand the script (and I am very weak in this), I do not 
see any calls to target code, only reading memory. But...

I don't know if this makes any difference, but I use the "pure" powerpc-gdb 
version 6.6, not provided in tool set.


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