LPC214x BSP?

dave madden dhm at mersenne.com
Sun Apr 22 17:10:42 UTC 2007

>>>>> "ray" == xr-at-trasin-dot-net at example.com writes:

    ray> Hi I have submitted a BSP for LPC2210(rt22xx) a few months
    ray> ago. It had not been integrated into RTEMS4.7 yet.  But I
    ray> think these two processors is pretty same. So it may be
    ray> better to begin with my BSP.

Hi Ray.

Thanks for sending your BSP.  I was able to convert it over to load &
start on the 2148, but it dies very soon.  The 2148 only has 32k of
RAM (plus another 8K for USB), but "Hello World" has a linked data/bss
size of ~12K, and there's a ~15K allocation pretty early in the
startup process.  I haven't tracked it down, but I suspect the 2148
simply doesn't have enough memory to run a non-trivial RTEMS program.

Best regards,

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