LPC214x BSP?

ray xr at trasin.net
Mon Apr 23 13:39:36 UTC 2007

Hi Dave Madden
I remember that Joel said the latest RTEMS is tuned for code footprint in his mail a few days before. So you may want to try his latest change in.
In order to minimize the SRAM usage, you can change the linkcmds file (I think you have already made some change to this file to make things run). The lpc2210 can use external SRAM, so I do not take effort to limit the RAM usage. I also enabled the Ethernet support in the BSP. Both will consume some RAM.  I think you can tune the linkcmds to save some memory.
I think RTEMS can run in 32K RAM space, although I never have chance to try that.

Thanks & Best Regards!

From: dave madden
Date: 2007-04-23 01:11:48
To:   rtems-users at rtems.org
CC:   xr at trasin.net
Sub:  Re: LPC214x BSP?

>>>>> "ray" == xr-at-trasin-dot-net at example.com writes:

    ray> Hi I have submitted a BSP for LPC2210(rt22xx) a few months
    ray> ago. It had not been integrated into RTEMS4.7 yet.  But I
    ray> think these two processors is pretty same. So it may be
    ray> better to begin with my BSP.

Hi Ray.

Thanks for sending your BSP.  I was able to convert it over to load &
start on the 2148, but it dies very soon.  The 2148 only has 32k of
RAM (plus another 8K for USB), but "Hello World" has a linked data/bss
size of ~12K, and there's a ~15K allocation pretty early in the
startup process.  I haven't tracked it down, but I suspect the 2148
simply doesn't have enough memory to run a non-trivial RTEMS program.

Best regards,

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