ARM Cross tools

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri Aug 3 06:09:23 UTC 2007

dave madden wrote:
> Has anybody built a workable cross GCC setup for ARM recently?

Yeap. I have been building MinGW tool sets of the latest 4.8 sources with no 

> Mine
> got broken, and when I built a new one, I started getting errors:
> /usr/local/packages/crossdev/lib/gcc/arm-generic-elf/4.0.3/../../../../arm-generic-elf/bin/ld: ERROR: ../../ports/Olimex-LPC-P2148/dex1.o uses software FP, whereas demo uses hardware FP
> /usr/local/packages/crossdev/lib/gcc/arm-generic-elf/4.0.3/../../../../arm-generic-elf/bin/ld: failed to merge target specific data of file ../../ports/Olimex-LPC-P2148/dex1.o

What is 'arm-generic-elf' ? Look in the path to the linker. You should have a 
rtems target name here, ie use an RTEMS linker rather than a generic ELF one.

Do you have a path or environment error ?


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