ARM Cross tools

dave madden dhm at
Fri Aug 3 06:31:33 UTC 2007

>>>>> "CJ" == Chris Johns <chrisj at> writes:

    CJ> What is 'arm-generic-elf' ? Look in the path to the
    CJ> linker. You should have a rtems target name here, ie use an
    CJ> RTEMS linker rather than a generic ELF one.

"arm-generic-elf" was one of my attempts to build a toolchain.  I get
the same "hardware FP/software FP" and "failed to merge target
specific data" no matter what target I use.  I don't actually need an
rtems-specific toolchain, since rtems won't fit on my microcontroller.
But, several months ago, the rtems toolchain was the first one that
worked for me, so I'd stuck with it until I broke it.

    CJ> Do you have a path or environment error ?

Not that I know of -- I've been doing a complete rebuild of the
toolchain whenever I try a different version, compile options, or
target specifier.  (I rebuild binutils and gcc using the same options,
and clean out the destination directory before installing.)  I use
"verbose" mode when compiling, and all the stages and programs are
what I expect.

Thanks for the response...I'll try building with the rtems patches


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