Linkage order for compiler-generated code?

Phil Torre ptorre at
Thu Aug 23 22:40:03 UTC 2007

On Wed 8/22/2007 6:54 PM, Chris Johns wrote:
>Phil Torre wrote:
>> We build our powerpc-targeted RTEMS code on either Cygwin or Linux,
>> as suits the particular developer.  A while back, I made sure that
>> we could obtain a bit-identical image from the same source, regardless
>> of build host.  I just went back to revisit that assumption, and found
>> that it was false.
> Your mileage may vary here. I help chase a similar sort of issue with the 
> Coldfire for the same gcc version on different versions of Windows. It turned 
> out MS had change the sort function and this changed the way some registers 
> where being placed on the stack and this changed the code. Both sort routines 
> where correct and the generated code was correct.

That sounds like what I'm seeing.  We at one time had builds that were
reproducible across Linux and windows 98/NT4/2000, but the addition of 
windows XP into the mix isn't working well.

I think I'll have to resort to the technique of objdump/diff to verify that
the only differences are the link layout of the "magic C++ goop".  Not as
straighforward as just comparing the CRCs, but it will do.

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