Examples and Network Demo code.

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Fri Dec 7 00:28:31 UTC 2007


I have created a tarball of the examples and network demo code which uses the 
autotools. You can find the code here:


The directory has a readme.txt that describes the required changes to the BSP 
configuration file as well as how to build the code. I have provided some 
modified configuration files and would welcome more. These will end up in CVS 
at some point in the future.

I have also provided an application template. This is a simple program that 
you can take and use as the basis of your application build environment. The 
examples provides you with automake example Makefiles you can use when 
building various types of applications. For example the http example shows how 
to tar a directory of files and link it into the executable. It also shows how 
to build 3 executables, a GoAhead, Simple HTTP and FTP programs with a single 
Makefile.am. The RPC example shows how to generate a header file to use in the 

The work is a trial to find a way to migrate RTEMS from the Makefile fragments 
currently provided and documented. Autoconf and automake have been selected as 
they are used to build RTEMS and so having the examples build the same way 
means a common consistent way to build RTEMS. We also provide maintained 
autoconf and automake tools in the RTEMS tool sets. We are also looking at 
placing 3rd party packages that are difficult to cross-compile with their 
standard build system into a similar framework. For example NetSNMP and Python.

The examples should build for rtems-4.8 and rtems-4.9. I understand a small 
issue exists with rtems-4.8 which I will resolve soon.

Comment ?


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