ANNOUNCEMENT: rtems-4.8-testing repository

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Mon Feb 19 16:15:21 UTC 2007


I've set up a new hierarchy of toolchain rpm-repositories, which is
supposed to take experimental toolchain rpms.


ATM, available are experimental versions of


* These repositories are add-on repositories to the "nominal"
repositories, i.e. they are supposed to be used in conjunction with the
repositories living under<rtems-version>

* yum users having at least rtems-4.8-yum-conf-0.5-1 (available since
this morning) installed, can enable them through editing 
or by using
yum --enablerepo=rtems-4.8-testing ...

If you don't understand all this, ... sorry, then this probably isn't
for you ;)


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