How do I load hello.exe to my lite5200?

Duncan Winn duncan at
Wed Feb 21 23:49:56 UTC 2007

I would like to run RTEMS on a Motorola lite5200 board.  This board uses 
the MPC5200 processor.  I was able to build RTEMS using the pm520-ze30 
bsp.  At first, I thought I should be using the gen5200 bsp, but I 
couldn't get it to build.

My question is, is the pm520-ze30 the right bsp?  What part of the bsp 
would I need to modify in order to get hello.exe running on the 
lite5200?  How do I go about downloading hello.exe to the board.  When 
the board boots up, it gives me a dBUG> prompt from the Motorola 
standard monitor program.  I was able to build and download a version of 
u-boot to the board if this will make it easier to load RTEMS.  I was 
also able to build and download ELDK Linux (2.4.25) to the board, but 
this didn't get me any closer to RTEMS.  Any help would be greatly 

Thank you, Duncan

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