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Steven Johnson sjohnson at sakuraindustries.com
Thu Feb 15 02:14:53 UTC 2007

John Mills wrote:
> Hi Steven,
> Thanks for the information.
> DISCLAIMER: I'm using a patched version of GoAhead's 'eCos' port, and am 
> ignorant of RTEMS-specific issues here.
There are no RTEMS-specific issues other than I didn't want to link my 
program to code with known security flaws and bugs.
> On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Steven Johnson wrote:
>> I wrote the port for shttpd and rtems, it is in the official shttpd
>> tree. see http://shttpd.sourceforge.net/
> Thanks - I'll have a look at 'shttpd'.
>> The BIG missing feature's by comparison to GoAhead are:
>> 1. Server Side Includes (which GoAhead calls ASP, which isn't ASP).
>> 2. A Security API to allow security to be set in software, rather than
>> using a security file (shttpd supports a security file).
> We need server includes, in fact our whole suite of web pages is generated 
> 'on the fly'. I also take advantage of GoAhead's user management for some 
> level of authorization and selective access control. I suppose this could 
> have been pushed back more onto our SSL level, but I found a reasonable 
I just want to clarify this point.

shttpd does not (without my patch) support <!--#include blah.http--> 
type server side includes.  With my patch, it does support this as well 
as <!--#custom <param> --> where custom can be added by an api call to 
generate http to insert in-line dynamically, rather than come from a 
#included file. It also support #if/#elif/#endif type logic with my patch.

shttpd does WITHOUT my patch support the generation of full pages of 
dynamic http using code.  All my patch allows is dynamic data to be 
inserted into an otherwise static html file.
> match between the API and what I wanted to do.
Steven J

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