Problems about porting RTEMS on a BSP close to mbx8xx

Julien Delange julien at
Fri Feb 23 15:37:03 UTC 2007

2007/2/23, Thomas Doerfler <Thomas.Doerfler at>:
> Hi Julien,
> The problem is, that this BSP was designed to be used in many different
> configurations (with/wiithout interrrupt, with/without EPPCbug support,
> with/without termios, with/without NVRAM configuration ....) and my
> impression is, that the many preprocessor options do not work in all
> configurations.
> - Can you tell me, which "configure" command line you actually used?

./configure --target=powerpc-rtems --prefix=/path/to/install/rtems only.

> - Can you tell me more about the differences between your board and an mbx?

There is no NVRAM and no EPPCBug, we have more 64Mo of RAM. The
processor is a mpc860.

> - Can you tell me, whether you are also using the EPPCBug as boot monitor?

No, we don't use this monitor, we use ppcboot instead.

Thanks for everything,


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