VME board problem

Artem Kazakov kazakov at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 07:30:24 UTC 2007

Hello everybody.

I'm using RTEMS-4.6.99 on MVME-5500 board.
Recently I tried to use an ADC board PVME-303 and I failed. I have a
simple test program which successfully runs under VxWorks, but under
RTEMS it just loops forever.
In short the program does the following: it makes several writes to
configuration registers of ADC board. And then it reads DATA register
for data.
After configuring the ADC board and before reading data, the program
is supposed to check "DONE" bit. When it turns 0 we can proceed to
reading data. But for some unknown reason "DONE" bit never turns 0
when I use RTEMS.
The only difference between those two programs is that under RTEM
environment VME A24 window is locate on 0x9f000000 and under VxWorks
it is located on 0xeff00000.
And of course necessery headers are added in RTEMS case.
Any suggestions what might be the cause of that behaviour?
What to check?
Please help me.
I attach two versions of the program for VxWork and for RTEMS.

Best regards,
Artem Kazakov
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