Slow event responses (~400ms)

rg rg at
Thu Jan 25 12:47:06 UTC 2007

Remailed with an intelligent subject..


I have just started programming rtems.
And I see a slow response to events in the order
of 400ms or on my system 80 ticks
(50MHz Leon2 CPU) RTEMS 4.6

I need a event response time closer to 10 ms, or 2 ticks.

I am measuring the response time by setting an IO output
just after sending the event and clearing it after receiving it
in the receiving task..and then I measure on a oscillioscope....
(difficult to spell that one...)

Ive tested by sending the event from a ISR and also a task...
all tasks have the same priority and are preemptive, tested to have
the receiving task no preemptive..this gives slightly better results
otherwise the results are the same.


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