ANNOUNCEMENT: RTEMS toolchain rpm repos

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Sat Jan 27 06:11:11 UTC 2007


After a long time of testing, delays and struggling with various issues,
the RTEMS-project is proud to announce the official
rtems-4.6/rtems-4.7/rtems-4.8 toolchain yum/apt-repomd repos for
i386-RH/Fedora-based Linux-distributions.


Please dig the directories for details.

* .../rtems/linux/4.6 contains the toolchain rpms for rtems-4.6 (current

* .../rtems/linux/4.7 contains the toolchain rpms for rtems-4.7 (next
stable, expected to be soon to be released. Currently available on the
rtems-4-7-branch in RTEMS's CVS)

* .../rtems/linux/4.8 contains the toolchains rpms for the
unstable/bleeding-edge RTEMS development version (CVS head in RTEMS's

Short usage instructions:

You can either manually install the rpms using command-line "rpm", or
(for Fedora-based distros) apply a metadata-repo capable rpm-installer
(yum or apt-repomd[1]) for automated updates/installation.

For using yum or apt:

1. Install yum or apt on your host.
Yum is installed by default on all newer Fedoras, apt is
available for newer Fedoras through Fedora Extras.

2. Manually install one or both of the rtems-*conf*.rpms below:

For yum:<rtems-version>/fedora/<fedora-version>/i386/rtems-<rtems-version>-yum-conf*.rpm

For apt:<rtems-version>/fedora/<fedora-version>/i386/rtems-<rtesm-version>-apt-conf*.rpm

rpm -U

This will put the rtems-4.7 repo into your system's yum configuration.

3. Update/install your system using yum and/or apt as usual.
yum install rtems-4.7-i386-rtems4.7-gcc


* We can't provide binaries for all Linux distros and hardware-flavors.
Remember, RTEMS is largely a volunteered project, so resources are

* Users of non-Fedora-based, rpm-based distributions will have to try
out and find the version of binary rpms which are sufficiently
compatible to their distro.
 If this fails, you can try to rebuilding them from src.rpms. The rpms
are supposed to be buildable on many Linux variants with little or no

* Users of deb-based Linux distros can consider to use alien. In the
past, the rh7-based rpms have been reported to be usable under Debian
using alien.

* These rpms are i386-rpms. This should not impose much problems on
using these rpms on x86_64 Fedora platforms, but so far has not been

Bug reporting
Please report issues, problems, bugs, wishes, RFEs to this list or file
them to RTEMS's bugzilla (



[1] apt-repomd: metadata repository (aka yum-repository) enabled fork of
apt. Part of Fedora Extras. This is not the original Debian apt.

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