RTEMS Hardware questions

Amalaye Oyake amalaye.oyake at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Jan 28 08:27:14 UTC 2007



I am new to RTEMS (please bear with me) and I have some specific questions
on hardware: 


* I am interested in RTEMS on an (x86) PC104 or Nano-ITX form factor PCs.
Which manufacturers are generally recommended (i.e. provide RTEMS supported
NICs, friendly BIOS etc)?


* I am particularly interesting in supported networking hardware, supported
flash memory hardware etc .


* Does anyone have experience booting RTEMS from flash on a PC (PC104 or
Nano-ITX) platform?


* Has anyone run the network apps in Qemu? How far did you get?


* Lastly I would like to run some BSP (x86) configuration scripts to start
up various applications . on VxWorks I usually ran a script from the
console. How does this work in RTEMS?



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