Convert Linker Output to Binary File

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Tue Jan 30 10:37:17 UTC 2007

Thank you for help, 

we recently got this working (MinGW, MSYS, rtems4.7 toolset): 

- rebuilt RTEMS, newlib and the application with the -fno-merge-constants 
  Flag. After this the unmotivated 0x0 Adresses (.rodata.str1) in the map 
  file disappeared. 

- there has been one extra memory section in our linker script 
  used only to check sizeof some structures. 

  Even if this was a NOLOAD Section we got Adresses 0x0 into 
  the elf-output. After moving the Adress space into the application 
  space it happened to be no problem. 

Having done all this objcopy creates a usable binary file 
out of the linker elf32-m68k output. 

Best regards,

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