How can I remove file system

ray xr at
Thu Jun 7 15:13:25 UTC 2007

I might add the stub codes and make a patch so it can get into CVS (hopefully after this weekend).
If add --disable-fs, lots of sample and test codes will refuse to compile.

Thanks & Best Regards!

From: Joel Sherrill
Date: 2007-06-06 21:48:31
To:   yanmiaobest; RTEMS Users
Sub:  Re: How can I remove file system

>>yanmiaobest wrote:
>> Hi Jeol,
>> You mean that I have to modify the source code, right?
>Ideally no.
>> Is there some way that I can skip compiling the file system,
>> or compile but don't link them into exe file through modifying
>> makefile or linkcmd?
>Compile but not link is our goal.
>Start by defining CONFIGURE_HAS_OWN_MOUNT_TABLE and not
>defining one. Then you will have to look at having
>stub replacements for the following to meet your needs:
>+ cpukit/libcsupport/src/base_fs.c - rtems_filesystem_initialize
>+ Maybe libio_initialization in libio_init.c
>The goal is to get your program to link with stubs and
>not pull in the full code. Your stub might have more in it
>than you like but if you get a stub which really does
>prevent filesystem code from coming in, I can look at your
>stub and possibly trim it by careful surgery on the
>files it is stubbing out.
>Ray is getting pretty good at this and should have
>suggestions as well. :)
>> 2007-06-05£¬"Joel Sherrill" <joel.sherrill at> wrote£º
>>     yanmiaobest wrote:
>>     > Hi,
>>     > How can I remove file system out of my exe file?
>>     > Is there a way to disable it, like --disable-fs?
>>     > Or do I have to modify makefile ?
>>     This is still an open project. There are some brief notes
>>     on it at
>>     There are at least two approaches -- one is to have no
>>     "section 2" IO support or filesystem. The other is to
>>     have a pluggable module that provides the 4.0.0 device
>>     name to major/minor mapping similar to what was
>>     in old RTEMS versions.
>>     You have to start by carving at the mount table
>>     and filesystem initialization routines. Having
>>     replacement stubs is a first step.
>>     --joel
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