Unable to create TX buffer recovery queue

Daron Chabot daron.chabot at usask.ca
Fri Jun 8 16:20:53 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-06-07 at 17:24 -0700, Amalaye Oyake wrote:
> Hello Daron,
> Something fishy is still going on ...
> Yes I changed MANAGERS=all (not in the stuff I sent)
> I put an fflush(stdout) after the line that says printf("\nhost?"); and that
> prompt started showing up ...
> I enter a host and it says Host information not available. I looked at the
> network config file and do I need to set the task priority, mbuf and mbuf
> cluster capacity? They are all set to 0.

By specifying a network task priority, mbuf, and mbuf cluster size of
zero you are telling RTEMS to use the default values. 

>From rtems_bsdnet.h:

struct rtems_bsdnet_config {
	 * This entry points to the head of the ifconfig chain.
	struct rtems_bsdnet_ifconfig *ifconfig;

	 * This entry should be rtems_bsdnet_do_bootp if BOOTP
	 * is being used to configure the network, and NULL
	 * if BOOTP is not being used.
	void			(*bootp)(void);

	 * The remaining items can be initialized to 0, in
	 * which case the default value will be used.
	rtems_task_priority	network_task_priority;	/* 100		*/
	unsigned long		mbuf_bytecount;		/* 64 kbytes	*/
	unsigned long		mbuf_cluster_bytecount;	/* 128 kbytes	*/
	char			*hostname;		/* BOOTP	*/
	char			*domainname;		/* BOOTP	*/
	char			*gateway;		/* BOOTP	*/
	char			*log_host;		/* BOOTP	*/
	char			*name_server[3];	/* BOOTP	*/
	char			*ntp_server[3];		/* BOOTP	*/

i.e. those defaults should OK.

Other than your MICROSECONDS_PER_TICK=100 setting is quite fast (you're
generating clock ticks (interrupts) at 10 kHz), values of 1000 or 10000
are more typical, I don't really see anything "wrong" with your

This leads me to suspect that the problem may be external to your RTEMS
target. What does your network topology look like ? I see that the
nameserver you've specified is on a different subnet...

Can you use a packet-sniffer like Ethereal (aka WireShark) to observe
the traffic sent to/from your RTEMS target ?  That tool is invaluable in
diagnosing network related problems...

-- dc

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