CANOpen implementation over RTEMS

Wolfram Wadepohl Wolfram.Wadepohl at
Wed Jun 13 05:44:41 UTC 2007

we have implemented CANfestival in 1.31 version.
there were many issuues we fixed but a general design problem remains, 
which i would explain if anybody is intereted.
we got it licensend from the author under a diffent license to make it 
compatible with RTEMS licensing.

version 2.x was incompatible from licensing

version 3.0 is LGPL licensed, so compatible with RTMES but i have not 
looked at it.

in the powerpc/gen5200 BSP is a CANdriver implemented. there is no standard 
interface from middleware as CANopen to access the driver.

it works, but we have plans to rewrite the CANopen layer from scratch. what 
are your requirements? do you need master or slave functions? LSS services?

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