MPC5200 Lite Board

Amalaye Oyake amalaye.oyake at
Mon Jun 18 21:48:18 UTC 2007

Did they write a driver for the Fast Ethernet Controller (FEC) on the board
(or is there a driver already)?

Also some of the other Embedded Planet boards use the Micrel Ethernet
Controller chip. Are there drivers for the Micrel chips?

A. Oyake

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I am playing with an Embedded Planets EP5200C which
they have told me is the same as the MPC5200 LITE
evaluation board from Freescale.  I belive this
claim as I have built a U-Boot and Linux kernel
for this board using MPC5200 LITE instructions.

It looks like back in February, Thomas Doerfler
was helping Duncan Winn and Nickolay Kolchin
try to get RTEMS up on this board variant.
The thread starts here:

Can someone tell me if this effort succeeded?

If so, which BSP variant did you use?  What mkimage command

The thread ends with a kind of working .. garbage on the
console message. 


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