MPC5200 Lite Board

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Jun 18 21:59:06 UTC 2007

Amalaye Oyake wrote:
> Did they write a driver for the Fast Ethernet Controller (FEC) on the board
> (or is there a driver already)?
I am using Thomas Doerfler's gen5200 BSP which does
support the FEC. 
> Also some of the other Embedded Planet boards use the Micrel Ethernet
> Controller chip. Are there drivers for the Micrel chips?

According to U-Boot's message when it loads via tftp, it is
using the FEC.

I don't know about a driver for the Micrel chip but then again
I didn't remember the if_fxp driver this morning either. :)

> Regards,
> A. Oyake
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> Hi,
> I am playing with an Embedded Planets EP5200C which
> they have told me is the same as the MPC5200 LITE
> evaluation board from Freescale.  I belive this
> claim as I have built a U-Boot and Linux kernel
> for this board using MPC5200 LITE instructions.
> It looks like back in February, Thomas Doerfler
> was helping Duncan Winn and Nickolay Kolchin
> try to get RTEMS up on this board variant.
> The thread starts here:
> Can someone tell me if this effort succeeded?
> If so, which BSP variant did you use?  What mkimage command
> worked?
> The thread ends with a kind of working .. garbage on the
> console message. 
> Thanks.
> -joel
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