CANOpen implementation over RTEMS

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Sat Jun 23 20:18:09 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 19 June 2007 17:57, Thomas Doerfler wrote:
> Hi,
> Wolfram Wadepohl schrieb:
> > Joel Sherrill schrieb:
> >> I noticed that you mention RTEMS does not have a standard device
> >> driver model for CAN.  Do you or Thomas have a proposal for a standard
> >> CAN device interface for RTEMS?
> >
> > spoken only for me and not for Thomas, there is no time left to do this
> > before august.
> We have currently implemented a CAN driver interface that is directly
> related to the MSCAN capabilities implemented in the MPC5200. We did not
> intend to set it as a standard for RTEMS CAN drivers. OTOH, when a
> CANOpen implementation is desired, I am sure a proper interface should
> be defined that allows the integration of most CAN controllers available.

Hello all,

I have interrest into CANopen support for RTEMS.
I want to provide some pointers for yours information.

We (CTU) are maintainers of LinCAN CAN driver for Linux
and I have it on long long term plan to port it to the
RTEMS system. We have SJA1000 CAN controller connected
to our PiMX1 system and it is supported by LinCAN under Linux.
The PiMX1 board is (on the other hand) used with RTEMS
in our final application, so porting LinCAN would be logical step.
Unfortunately I do not expect to have chance to find time
for this work during next two or three months
and I would not be even reachable by Internet
during July.

Some LinCAN pointers to LinCAN info

LinCAN driver is maintained and it is used by more
companies. Porting it to RTEMS would allow users to test
applications against same driver API on Linux and RTEMS.
The LinCAN driver is directly supported by CANfestival
(CANopen implementation).

There is also our own CANopen implementation on OCERA
site, but for device oriented projects CANfestival
is more mature and simpler. The main idea behind our code
was to allow build whole dictionary at startup from EDS
file and link it with real I/O objects at runtime.
This works and through canblaster and ETHERNET connected
Java CANmonitor it is possible to browse device dictionaries.
But our code would require some work to reach industrial grade

Other option is to try port another Linux CAN driver
maturing infrastructure


Best wishes


                Pavel Pisa
        e-mail: pisa at

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