RTEMS and Google Summer of Code 2007

Eugeny S. Mints eugeny.mints at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 11:01:42 UTC 2007


 >2007/3/7, Yu Chen <chyyuu at gmail.com>:
 >> hi, Joel:
 >>   Some students I leaded are designing a project  that let RTEMS  run
 >> another OS (such as linux), just like XEN does, but maintain the hard
 >> real-time property.
I wonder if you've considered using ADEOS for such a thing?

 >>    Joel, how do you think of this project?
 >> --
 >> Best Regards
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 >> Chen Yu
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 > hi Chen Yu
 > are you going to implement it by buliding compatible API of existing
 > microkernels
 > such as L4 , XEN, on top of rtems  or  buliding your own API?
 > Do you have a web about your project?

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