Who is maintaining the powerpc ep1a BSP ?

Till Straumann strauman at slac.stanford.edu
Wed Nov 28 05:53:22 UTC 2007

I'm trying to remove conditional compilation
constructs from libbsp/powerpc/shared/openpic
which still contains

#if defined(mpc8240) || defined(mpc8245)

I scanned for BSPs that use such a CPU and it
seems that there are only mvme2100 and ep1a.

However, ep1a (make/custom/ep1a.cfg) does
currently *not* -Dmpc8240 (mvme2100 does)
which means that the 8240-specific differences
are not enabled on the ep1a BSP.

In particular, it seems to me (from looking at the code)
that the PCI interrupts (IRQs that use the openpic
rather than the i8259 PIC) cannot work properly
because the openpic register layout of the EPIC
implementation (used by the mpc8240/mpc8245)
is (slightly) different from the standard openpic.
However, the modification to the layout invoked
by the aforementioned cpp conditionals are not
effective because the BSP does not -Dmpc8245.

And yet, it seems that the ep1a BSP uses PCI
interrupts (rsPMCQ1 driver). Has anyone used/tested
that driver lately?

-- Till

PS (also to the ep1a maintainer). On the mvme2100
we had issues with the EOI race-condition mentioned
in the 8245 manual and there is a work-around that
could be of interest for the ep1a, too. YMMV

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