RTEMS autotools installation on mingw

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Tue Nov 6 21:54:41 UTC 2007

Sven.BIEBAUT at be.thalesgroup.com wrote:
> As the mingw installer does not allow an install only from predownloaded
> packages, I copied the whole tree from a previous install over, so indeed
> the entries were not there. 

Ah that explains it. I will add the browse feature for the next installer 
build. What you are doing is all ok so I am happy to add this.

> I moved my msys installation to c:\msys\1.0 and the MSYS mount point error
> is gone. However, the installer can still not detect mingw although it is in
> c:\MinGW. Is the installer case sensitive ?

No. Windows is not case sensitive.

> This probably has to do with the version of the mingw installer ? 


> If i add manually the HKLM key, the install continues. Is this the problem
> you mentioned about the order of the checks (directory first, registry
> afterwards ) ?

Yes it is. I will also update this in the installer to handle it better.

> Thanks a lot for all the help, the installer now completes and I can start
> msys to configure and make RTEMS.

Great. Thanks for being patient. This is a part of the installer that needs to 


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