RTEMS autotools installation on mingw

Sven.BIEBAUT at be.thalesgroup.com Sven.BIEBAUT at be.thalesgroup.com
Tue Nov 6 13:34:41 UTC 2007

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> Sven.BIEBAUT at be.thalesgroup.com wrote:
> > 
> > I installed mingw to c:\mingw and msys (and its dtk)  to 
> c:\mingw\msys.
> > 
> That is a little different but that is ok. The installer 
> should handle this.
> > 
> > How does it try do detect MSYS, maybe that could give me a 
> clue as to what is missing on my pc.
> > 
> The code is here for MSYS:
> Yeah I know this is strange looking stuff so let me explain 
> the process. The 
> first failure is 'Function MSYSDetectSilent'. It looks first 
> in 'c:\msys\1.0' 
> then it looks in the registry under the key at the top of the 
> file. The same 
> happens for the DTK.
> Do you have the entries in the registry and if so are in they 
> correct ?
As the mingw installer does not allow an install only from predownloaded
packages, I copied the whole tree from a previous install over, so indeed
the entries were not there. 

> If there is something else please let me know what it is.
> As a work around if you create the keys as expected and set 
> the path the 
> installer should work.
I moved my msys installation to c:\msys\1.0 and the MSYS mount point error
is gone. However, the installer can still not detect mingw although it is in
c:\MinGW. Is the installer case sensitive ?

I tried changing the name to lower case, but that didn't change anything.

I looked into the mingw-path.nsi, and found out that the strings the
installer looks for do not exist:

InstallLocation  <->
HKLU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\mingw32_is1 Ïnno
Setup:App Path"

This probably has to do with the version of the mingw installer ? 

If i add manually the HKLM key, the install continues. Is this the problem
you mentioned about the order of the checks (directory first, registry
afterwards ) ?

Thanks a lot for all the help, the installer now completes and I can start
msys to configure and make RTEMS.

> I think I may look at adding to the installer the ability to 
> select via a 
> dialog box thingy the path to MSYS etc when the installer 
> does not find the 
> MSYS. This will how-ever not happen for a while.
> Regards
> Chris

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