Avoiding power-down on leon2

John Pickwick john.pickwick at free.fr
Fri Nov 9 20:53:06 UTC 2007

I have the same concern with LEON2 and I've done it with a low-priority task 
that uses an infinite busy loop.
I have checked that the IDLE task is never called (through the tick counter 
of the CPU tool).

For this reason, recently I asked here if it was possible to remove or 
substitute the IDLE task thread (mainly to avoid anxious questions from 
customers on this topic since I'm convinced by the solution above). You can 
do it (changing the #define that goes in the CPU table) but then you need to 
recompile the BSP.

Joel suggested to make the changes to include the CPU table in the regular 
table. I did not have time yet to look at it.


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> Hi,
> which measures do you recommend for avoiding processor power-down on
> leon2 when using RTEMS 4.6.5? Are there any configuration options?
> Should we write our own "idle" task (implementing a busy loop)? Would
> implementing a busy loop in a low-priority task really guarantee that
> the processor is not powered down by the operating system?
> Kind regards
> Ingolf
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