Avoiding power-down on leon2

Ingolf Steinbach ingolf.steinbach at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 10 15:02:28 UTC 2007


2007/11/9, John Pickwick <john.pickwick at free.fr>:
> I have the same concern with LEON2 and I've done it with a low-priority task
> that uses an infinite busy loop.
> I have checked that the IDLE task is never called (through the tick counter
> of the CPU tool).

That was my first idea, too. However, I don't know whether task
switches are only performed at some sort of time slice granularity. If
so: what happens if a high priority task releases the CPU in the
middle of a time slice? Will the low-priority "idle" task become
active immediately? Or will RTEMS place the CPU in power-down mode
nevertheless (until the end of the time slice)?

Kind regards

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