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Tue Nov 13 14:33:44 UTC 2007


  My problem is regarding XP (service pack 2) .  I have also modified
/etc/profile in MinGW which is reflecting in $PATH. On the command line
when I am using TAB those files are appearing. Also I have compiled and
created .o and .S file which are perfect.  Only problem starts when I am
configuring RTEMS.


Yesterday I helped installed tools for a class.  We tried the MinGW
tools on about 5 machines and had various problems.

Is this email about Vista or XP?

Can you compile a simple native hello world?

Here's what we encountered yesterday?

+ MinGW doesn't run on Vista correctly.  The native compiler
    dies compiling hello world with a message like
     "cc1 not found".  We searched online and others have
     run into this but the only solution I saw was to put the
     directory with cc1 in your PATH but that results in the
     RTEMS cross compiler finding the native cc1 not the
     cross one.  If you can find a solution to this, we would
     be willing to try it.

+ Somehow most of us -- including myself -- ended up
with a PATH that wasn't right and we had to edit a .profile
before out PATH was enough to use gcc natively on XP.

Chris if you want us to try something please email
jeff so I can get the message in the class room.


Jalpan Dholakia wrote:
> Hi ,
> Here with I am attaching config.log My $PATH is
> .:/usr/local/bin:/mingw/bin:/bin:/h/RTEMS/msys/arm/bin
> So according to Windows my directory for Arm tools is
> H:\RTEMS\msys\arm\bin
> ../configure --target=arm-rtems --disable-networking --disable-cxx
> --enable-rtemsbsp="en1" --prefix=/h/RTEMS/msys/arm/bin
> At worst I have copied all files of Arm Tools in current directory of
> build and also in MinGW bin
> In all cases when I am doing TAB it is finding the appropriate
> compiler files. What is the use of - - prefix then?
> According to documents that is used to locate tools directory. But I
> don't think so it has any effect.
> /(See attached file: config.log)/
> Thanks.
> Regards.
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am configuring RTEMS4.7.1 for Arm target through MINGW. I have
> > downloaded appropriate compilers from RTEMS ftp. I have also tested
> > arm-rtems4.7-gcc.exe and it is generating .o and .S file. I have also
> > exported proper PATH.
> >
> Did you test this in a cmd.exe box or the MSYS shell ?
> > I am giving address of the directory which contains arm tools through -
> > - prefix. Though I could not able to configure. I am getting error that
> > error: No acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
> >
> > Could you please point me the problem?
> >
> It will be the PATH variable. Configure needs a valid path set.
> Could you please send me the config.log and the PATH variable.
> Regards
> Chris
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