ioctl declaration lost!

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Nov 14 20:11:37 UTC 2007

Thomas Doerfler wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a (maybe stupid) question, based on rtems-
> I want to use the ioctl() function (as defined in
> cpukit/libcsupport/src/ioctl.c).
> Now I am surprised that I cannot find a proper declaration for this
> function. I would expect it to be located in sys/ioctl.h, but it is not
> there.
> Any hints for me (including "buy new glasses")?

It is in libcsupport/include/sys/ioccom.h which is included by ioctl.h.

> Next question:
> I want to add an alternative synchronization mechanism to DOSFS,
> controlled using an ioctl call. What is the prefered location to publish
> the ioctl command definitions? I would define a new
> "rtems/msdos_ioctl.h", is this ok?

Why not just add to 'rtems/dosfs.h ' ?


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