Always network trouble

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Wed Nov 21 13:29:28 UTC 2007

Hi, Rochat_Joël  
The at91rm9200's mac is store in EMAC register after booting. Your BSP might change it. If the MAC changed after BSP init it, this sounds like a hardware issue.

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Subject: Always network trouble    

>I try to make the ntp test running on my board with the csb337 bsp. When I 
>debug The execution I can watch ifconfig structur. In the structur there is 
>a member called hardware_address, this membre contain an address for exemple 
>0x20153752 and at this address there is the correct informations about my 
>MAC address (matching my networkconfig.h file). 
>When I run the exemple I can watch the response of the ntpserver in ethereal 
>but in the packet my mac address is empty !!! 
>do you have an idea ? 
>Think you ! 
>Joel R. 
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