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Wolfram Wadepohl Wolfram.Wadepohl at ek-automation.com
Wed Nov 21 16:07:12 UTC 2007

Ralf Corsepius schrieb:
> Yes, something like vmware is an alternative... but... what I never
> understand: Why do you need Windows at all (I am seriously asking, I
> want to hear the real reasons). OK, in a corporite environment there are
> sometimes are management decisions on , some users might be using some
> toolsets which are not available on linux etc. ... 
> But RTEMS is a development toolset, so it's supposed to be used in a
> development environment. I would assume all such environments have an
> "old spare machine" left somewhere in the background, they could use as
> RTEMS development machine (Linux is much less resource demanding than
> what you might be used to from Win). For home users (Or in flexible
> environments), dual boot systems also might be an alternative.

One reason you mentioned is a major one. "we use the open wolrd market 
standard Windows". No matter if this is a truthful claim. That politics.

There are many corporate standard applications, like office or erp tools, 
only available on the windows host. Using the development toolchain in 
office, lab and mobile its difficult to use an old spare linux host.

I've used coLinux for the development toolchain of a MOXA device server and 
could imagine to also use this for RTEMS development. It is lightweight and 
easy to install, and you can seamlessly port the data from one host to the 
other by simply copying the filesystems image file.

Currently i'm using debian 4.0 etch. It is not explicitly supported for 
RTEMS. Must i anticipate troubles?

I think i would try building with MinGW and coLinux and report my findings 
to the list.

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