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Mon Nov 26 23:42:46 UTC 2007

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-11-22 at 19:50 +0200, Leon Pollak wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Can somebody, please, clarify the situation with RTEMS releases.
>> Address ends with 4.6.0 release.
> Looks like a broken link rsp. a directory with broken contents to me.
I thought we had agreed to quit using the releases subdirectory.
No big deal.  I just added all the appropriate links.
>> Directory /pub/rtems/ has 4.7.0 release, while the last is
> Joel is the person to actually answer this. The links your are referring
> to are his domain.
Actually 4.7.99.xx is a snapshot but the links are right now.
>> And I saw somewhere the branch named 4.9, which means that 4.8 shoudl be 
>> released already.
> rtems-4-8-branch has been branched in CVS, and is supposed to be
> released as "stable tarballs" (rtems-4.8.x) in "not-too-distant
> future" (When it's ready ;) )
And it is getting closer.  I was planning on cutting 4.8.0
before the class but Glenn noticed some issues that we
needed to address before cutting the release.  We should
be committing those changes tomorrow and Wednesday.
If final testing goes well, we may see it within a week.

No release before its time around here.
> So far, only experimental preview snapshots (rtems-4.7.99.x) tarballs
> have yet been released.
I am also planning on cutting a snapshot from the CVS head.
Believe it or not, the CVS head already has changes not on 4.8.
> I.e. ATM we have
> rtems-4.7
>   release series from rtems-4-7-branch in CVS.
>   Still current official "stable" tarball release series.
> rtems-4.8
>   release series from rtems-4-8-branch in CVS.
>   Soon to become "stable" release series and to replace rtems-4.7.
>   No tarballs available yet. 
>   Shape in CVS is supposed to be "nearly release-clean".
Yep.  It is very close.
> rtems-4.9
>   release series from HEAD in CVS.
>   unstable/experimental.
>   Shape in CVS can vary by the day.
Or the minute if you are unlucky enough. :-D  But generally
we try to keep it reasonably stable.

> Ralf
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