panic error with powerpc/virtex BSP

Pierre Kestener pierre.kestener at
Tue Oct 2 08:55:16 UTC 2007


I am having problems in running the RTEMS helloworld example on a ML405 
board (very similar to ML403). I made the FPGA design with the Xilinx 
EDK tool and then modified the xparameters_dflt.h that is in the RTEMS 
BSP with the one generated by EDK.

When running the helloworld, i receive the following output:

opb_intc_init: mask = 0x7
rtems- 405/virtex) PANIC ERROR 5
system stopped, press RESET

I am not sure to what refer the number 5 as a PANIC ERROR. Has someone 
an idea of what could done here ?
Thank for your help.

Pierre Kestener.

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