Kirspel, Kevin kevin.kirspel at
Fri Oct 5 17:08:35 UTC 2007

I have almost completed a port to RTEMS of the MCF5329EVB evaluation board
from Freescale.  With this BSP I had to port the YAFFS2 file system to
RTEMS.  I would like to submit the BSP and YAFFS2 port to RTEMS.  The YAFFS2
license is GPL.  I don't know if that is OK with RTEMS.  I would like to do
some robustness testing on the YAFFS2 port.  Does RTEMS have a test
plan/procedure to validate new file systems?


Kevin Kirspel

Opti Medical Systems

Electrical Engineer

235 Hembree Park Drive

Roswell GA 30076

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