firewire video on RTEMS-4.6.x-MVME5500

Kate Feng feng1 at
Wed Oct 10 15:17:28 UTC 2007

Daron Chabot wrote:

> Sorry for not being more clear: I am only interested in the EPICS and 
> EDM applications you've created for displaying the video, not in any 
> of the RTEMS-related code.

I did not change any EDM applications or EPICS base.  The protocol
is CA.   The optimization is implemented at RTEMS device driver
and IIDC1394 library layers. The BSP is RTEMS-MVME5500.
The driver does not have to be linked to EPICS.
It is just another real-time application with the RTEMS-MVME5500
BSP.  It triggers the camera at 30 fps and  display at 30Hz
simultaneously for the 1024x768x8bit mode (video mode) even under the
limited 100MHz network bandwidth and indeterministic network environment.
Yes,  in the 100MHz NIC, the actual network throughput is not
30Hzx1024x768x8 bits. But it is greater than 10Hz.  Thus, the system does
not have to run in a private network. I do not believe it
will  be slower with a non-EPICS application. 

> Here at the CLS we're using linux-based soft IOCs to communicate with 
> Flea and Flea2 cameras.
> We're having difficulty in achieving video frame rates greater than 
> about 10 Hz at 640x480 resolution. I'm interested to know how you are 
> getting such fine performance (aside from using RTEMS :-) ).

Perhaps I will have the optimization written in a publication, so that
hopefully it can help the Linux or vxWorks users.  If so,  will you
feedback to this list regarding how much improvement you achieved
in the Linux driver ?

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