firewire video on RTEMS-4.6.x-MVME5500

Kate Feng feng1 at
Wed Oct 10 17:42:40 UTC 2007

Mark Rivers wrote:

> I recently got a GigE camera from Prosilica.  It is 1360x1024 
> resolution.  At 8-bits the StreamPix software from Norpix is able to 
> acheive frame rates of 30Hz at full resolution, and 52 Hz when it is 
> 2x2 binned to 680x512.  This is under Windows, using the single GigE 
> port on the PC, with the camera and PC connected directly to a GigE 
> switch (which also is connected to the rest of the LAN).

Does the window has any tool to measure the actual
network throughput of the  1GHz ?  Or do you have any
H/W tool to measure it ?  If so, how many Mega bytes/sec
of throughput ?

Can the window run remote client ?


> Mark
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>     Daron Chabot wrote:
>>     Sorry for not being more clear: I am only interested in the EPICS
>>     and EDM applications you've created for displaying the video, not
>>     in any of the RTEMS-related code.
>     I did not change any EDM applications or EPICS base.  The protocol
>     is CA.   The optimization is implemented at RTEMS device driver
>     and IIDC1394 library layers. The BSP is RTEMS-MVME5500.
>     The driver does not have to be linked to EPICS.
>     It is just another real-time application with the RTEMS-MVME5500
>     BSP.  It triggers the camera at 30 fps and  display at 30Hz
>     simultaneously for the 1024x768x8bit mode (video mode) even under the
>     limited 100MHz network bandwidth and indeterministic network
>     environment.
>     Yes,  in the 100MHz NIC, the actual network throughput is not
>     30Hzx1024x768x8 bits. But it is greater than 10Hz.  Thus, the
>     system does
>     not have to run in a private network. I do not believe it
>     will  be slower with a non-EPICS application. 
>>     Here at the CLS we're using linux-based soft IOCs to communicate
>>     with Flea and Flea2 cameras.
>>     We're having difficulty in achieving video frame rates greater
>>     than about 10 Hz at 640x480 resolution. I'm interested to know
>>     how you are getting such fine performance (aside from using RTEMS
>>     :-) ).
>     Perhaps I will have the optimization written in a publication, so that
>     hopefully it can help the Linux or vxWorks users.  If so,  will you
>     feedback to this list regarding how much improvement you achieved
>     in the Linux driver ?
>     Regards,
>     Kate

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